Black Lion

Black Lion: Piloted by Keith, the Black Lion forms the main body of Voltron. Later piloted by Allura in one episode. Unlike the other Lions, the Black Lion did not have a "closed" hangar. Throughout the series, it was assumed that the Black Lion's hangar was located on the large tower fronting the castle, which was previously occupied by a winged lion statue which hid it. When the Black Lion was first activated, this statue crumbled apart to reveal it, and the Black Lion folded its seldom-used wings. In Voltron: The Third Dimension, it is shown that the winged lion statue literally morphs into the Black Lion when the lion is launched. In Voltron Force, Black Lion gains a "Tail Shock" and its hangar is the central tower of the castle, which opens to deploy the Black Lion. Additionally, the "default" configuration of Voltron is also known as Black Center. In all media, when the Black Lion forms the body of Voltron, his weapon is the Blazing Sword. Weapon form command (all shows): Form Blazing Sword Reconfiguration command (Voltron Force only): Form Black Center Other weapon form commands (Voltron Force only) (Black Center/Larmina's voice): Energy Star, Blazing Katana