Blue Lion

Blue Lion: Originally piloted by Sven until Allura became its official pilot and has been passed down to Larmina, the Blue Lion forms the right leg of Voltron. Piloted in one episode each by Keith, Coran, and Nanny together, and a replacement pilot (who turned out to be an agent of Zarkon). Piloted once by Lance when he went off to a distant planet to find the cure by which to heal the Princess. Lance piloted the Blue Lion because the planet had a special magnetic field that only the Blue Lion could overcome. The Blue Lion's hangar was located underneath the moat that surrounded the castle. In Voltron Force, Blue Lion gains a "Freeze Ray" and can form the body of Voltron (known as Blue Center) which uses the "Titanic Trident", a double-ended trident. In Blue Center configuration, the Black Lion is Voltron's right leg. It is also shown to perform better underwater than the other lions, similar to the way black lion appears to fly faster than the other lions. Weapon form command (Voltron Force only): Form Titanic Trident Reconfiguration command (Voltron Force only): Form Blue Center