Coran (voiced by Peter Cullen in the '80s series, Michael Bell in the '90s series, Ron Halder in the 2011 series): Coran is Allura's royal advisor, and is in charge of the Castle Control. He also advises the Voltron Force, and is very wise, though he can be very overprotective and opinionated at times. He is the commander of the Castle of Lions crew, once the Castle became battle-worthy, and especially once it transforms into the Mecha Fortress. In Voltron: The Third Dimension, Coran remains the same as before but is now more affiliated with the Galaxy Alliance. His biggest role in that series came when the Voltron Force was on trial for treason; he spoke in their defense, which resulted in the Alliance finding them not guilty. In Voltron Force, he represents Planet Arus in the Galaxy Alliance and was the most vocal about reactivating Voltron when it was proven that Lotor had returned. Due to the Alliance being under the control of Sky Marshall Wade's regime, he has returned to Castle Control.