Red Lion

Red Lion: Piloted by Lance, the Red Lion forms the right arm of Voltron. Later piloted by Princess Allura in one episode since Lance was using the Blue Lion to find the cure for the deadly flowers. The Red Lion's hangar was located inside a volcano near the castle. In Voltron Force, Red Lion gains a "Precision Laser" and can form the body of Voltron (known as Red Center) which uses the "Magma Pistols". In Red Center configuration, the Black Lion is Voltron's right arm. Weapon form command (Voltron Force only): Draw Magma Pistols ("Form Blazing Guns" the first time) Reconfiguration command (Voltron Force only): Form Red Center The Red Lion is seen coming out from a volcanic like area. The Red Lion has the ability to shoot flames out of its mouth like a flamethrower. Later on in the series Pidge upgrades the Red Lions tail to shoot a heat ray similar to the Red Lions flamethrower.