Lotor was killed by the Voltron Force as the result of Voltron destroying Doom Castle. Voltron is celebrated on Earth for the destruction of King Zarkon along with his forces led by Lotor. However, due to the actions of Sky Marshall Wade, a corrupt official in the Galaxy Alliance, the Robot Lions go haywire and virtually destroy a city during the festivities. The Lions are immediately ostracized, stripped of their duty as Defenders of the Universe and separated with the Black Lion locked away in Galaxy Alliance HQ while the other lions are sealed on the planet Arus, the home of Princess Allura. Though officially disbanded, the Voltron Force secretly act to get back the Black Lion while gathering three Alliance cadets (Daniel, Vince, and Allura's niece Larmina) to train them to become future Force members and Lion pilots. With the cadets by their side, the reunited Voltron Force are needed once more not only to combat a resurrected Lotor and a new form of energy from another old enemy of theirs, but also to expose Wade's criminal actions.