Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Sky Marshall
Enemies Voltron Force
First Appearance New School Defenders

Herbert Wade, Sky Marshall Wade (voiced by Gary Chalk): Exclusive to Voltron Force, he is a dangerous, corrupt official who simply wants money and power, having the highest seat of power in the Galaxy Alliance and serves as the secondary antagonist. Originally a Galaxy Alliance cadet, Wade tried to become a Voltron pilot, but he was rejected because the Black Lion found him unworthy and this caused Wade to go insane. From there, he engineered the Lions' being outlawed by sabotaging them to go berserk, taking the Black Lion to reverse engineer the Black Lion's technology to create his own robot lion that he controls via virtual interface along with his remote controlled robot soldiers. When Voltron Force reassembled, Wade used his robot lion to try to eliminate them, but his creation was absorbed by Kala, and he was rendered unconscious throughout the remainder of the fight. He later reappears with a dual-pronged effort to destroy the Voltron Force, who make many efforts to expose his crimes and free the Alliance. Some of their successes to defeat Wade include stopping him from mining on a defenseless planet and freeing political prisoners from his maximum security prison. Using a cordite bullet to take control of Voltron, Wade interfaces with it and christens it "Wadetron" while attacking a city nearby. Though his plan failed and he is finally arrested for his crimes, Wade learns of his mental link to Kala and is later freed by her as he allows himself to be assimilated into her Lider RoBeast body so he can use its ability to fuse with Voltron.